Build AI products, fast

We are your technical partner for bringing ideas to life

What we do

We create and evolve AI MVPs

As experts in natural language processing, we specialize in developing products that leverage cutting-edge techniques

Our expert stack includes external-data LLM tools (langchain, llama-index), vector stores (pinecone, chroma) and model providers (openai, hugging face)

Question answering agents

Build an agent that answers questions based on any kind of external knowledge, including PDFs, CSV sheets, SQL tables or internet-sourced information

Tool-empowered assistants

Create an assistant that can answer emails, write in Slack or Discord, set calendar events and more

World-class semantic search

Search through your image and text data with world-class results while optimally balancing retrieval time, cost and accuracy

Our process

Experience our lean workflow

We move fast to build an iterable prototype that fits your needs

1. Identify

We ensure a thorough understanding of the problem and the end user

2. Design

We find the most direct approach, embracing the 80/20 principle

3. Develop

We develop a working version and interact to solve edge cases

Let's build together.